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What is our community saying about us?

"Robby isn't a one swing fits all teacher. He helped me get out of my own way and keep things athletic. As a player himself he really worked to understand me as a player and helped me get into a better mindset." 

David Denlinger

PGA Latin America Tour

“It’s been great working with Rob. He’s helped me a lot with how to go about the game and manage it. It’s been great to work with one of my good friends as I go about pursuing my professional career.”

JD Dornes

PGA Latin America Tour

“I started working with Robby at the beginning of the summer and it has been very enjoyable. He has helped me immensely with not only my swing, but also with mental game. Ever since I started working with Robby, I have a much better view of my golf game. Robby always wants me to get better and better and really believes in me as a player which then makes me believe more in myself. He’s always willing to help and do whatever he can to get my game to the next level. I have been very happy working with him so far and can’t wait to see where my game can really go with his instruction.”

Ryan Dornes

Junior, Penn State University Golf Team

“Robby’s use of video along with Trackman4 data really sets the stage for a great learning experience. We can all hit good shots. But consistently hitting good shots over 18 holes is very challenging. Robby has me working on solid mechanics that should fuel a more consistent golf swing.”

Dr. Eric Katch

“Over the course of the last two months, Robby has helped me improve my takeaway, my transition into my downswing, and my overall impact on the ball. He’s made it very easy for me to understand what moves I need to make in my swing and what I need to feel in order to strike the ball better and hit tight draws. Telling me to swing with more power, Robby has made me feel more confident in my shot. In just two months I’ve come so far, and Robby’s always giving me drills that I can work on at home to keep improving. I’ve never been so confident going into golf season and I’m excited to see how this season will play out!”

Matt Bilson

Junior, Manheim Township High School

“Working with Robbie to improve my swing and rotation for better impact and distance. Not only is Robby very knowledgeable teacher, but can convey his lesson in a way that is easy to understand. Thanks Coach.”

Ben Berger

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